The Workroom That Always Works

When November came to a close in 2015, Philip Clemmons and crew breathed a little easier. December was approaching and past-years’ performance suggested there was a little bit of a “breather” ahead leading into 2016.

“The calm lasted through the early part of the week after Thanksgiving and December was even busier than November,” said Clemmons.” “It changed the perspective of the entire crew, making every moment count towards new-found deadlines, especially in light of scheduled time off between Christmas and New Years.”

No one was complaining adds Clemmons, in fact it was seen as a reward for a year of progress on several fronts for the company.

“We have upgraded capacity with the addition of some very talented people on-site and in the field,” he explains. “And we’ve also reconfigured much of the building to make the workroom more efficient and the showroom more effective. From initiation to installation, we’re finding ways to get more done more quickly.”

None of which is happening at the expense of quality. No, that’s not something being adjusted explains Clemmons.

“We’ve built a reputation over 35+ years, and we’ve always been busy” He says. “We’ll turn down work before we compromise our standards. A lot of people depend on that.”

The pace has continued in the first quarter of 2016, for both Lancaster & Associates and the J.L. Anthony custom hardware lines, with new orders from existing designer and architect clients as well as new referrals from our dealer network and social media outreach. Add to all this our increasing prominence as designers, fabricators and installers for home automation projects, and it builds momentum and a life for the entire team.

“We’re not cheerleaders here, but when you’re seeing growth and broader recognition, there’s a lift, and we all feel it,” said Clemmons.

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