Gold Collection

gold-image2Oro, Aurum, Or, Gold. In any language, the mention of Gold conjures visions of wealth, power and luxury.

The J.L. Anthony Gold finishes all fulfill the look and feel of gold. Each component is individually covered with the golden colored metal leaf. Afterwards the hand applied glazing and antiquing of the metal covering gives every J.L. Anthony product the rich warmth of Gold.

There are several variations of color and technique in our offerings. Custom finishing is available to get the exact color and style to meet your design requirements. Below are our standard (yet exceptional) Gold Collection Finishes.
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958-AG-detailANTIQUED GOLD (AG) As if it was discovered in an ancient castle or old villa, the Antiqued Gold finish has the rich detail and subdued finish that will complement even the most regal interior.
950-BG-detailBURNISHED GOLD (BG) An aged candelabra or chandelier. Beautiful old hardware and accessories. All have the subtle patina revealed with the Burnished Gold from J.L. Anthony.
908-BGL-detailBRIGHT GOLD LEAF (BGL) The sparkle and glimmer of the glamorous life. Bright Gold from J.L. Anthony will make your window treatment real show stopper. The beautiful shine of gold is revealed with the hand polished finish.
980-CSG-detailCHURCH ST. GOLD (CSG) With a rich red undertone, Church Street Gold is reminiscent of English Manor houses and Royal decoration from times gone by. The aged, rubbed, low lustre finish is a wonderful compliment to luxurious tapestries and velvet furnishing.
988-PG-detailPROVENCIAL GOLD (PG) With its bright white undertones, Provencial Gold would be at home with any of the Louis of France. A lighter feeling with a hint of hubris makes this finish fit into your luxurious surroundings.
984-SG-detailSUNSET GOLD (SG) A warm rich color of the Sun setting on the horizon is captured with this finish. Add contrasting trim to the rod components to totally customize the look.

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