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sample-finishes-bigTo view a J.L.Anthony pole, finial, ring or bracket is to behold a custom piece of design. Even the cleaner, simple finishes and lines of our contemporary pieces are the product of specialty painting and handwork. Get into a faux finish or a metallic style and you’re witnessing the beauty the comes from multiple layers, expertly applied.

Because of the diverse needs for high-end residential (and commercial) projects, we categorize our finishes into eight collections for ease of identification and specification in your designs.

As modern design trends have called for clean lines and simplicity in both windows and window treatments, we have continued to innovate in our Metallic finishes. Our proprietary, multi-step painting and finishing formulas bring luster and drama to both stark and minimalist hardware, assisting the designer’s eye in creating stunning geometric statements.

Oro, Aurum, Or, Gold. In any language, the mention of Gold conjures visions of wealth, power and luxury. The J.L. Anthony Gold finishes all fulfill the look and feel of gold. Each component is individually covered with the golden colored metal leaf. Afterwards the hand applied glazing and antiquing of the metal covering gives every J.L. Anthony product the rich warmth of Gold. There are several variations of color and technique in our offerings. Custom finishing is available to get the exact color and style to meet your design requirements.


Silver has a special place in the history of the elements because it is one of the first five metals discovered and used by humans. We use it to eat with, trade it for commerce and wear it for jewelry. Truly Silver is one of the most useful as well as beautiful metals on earth. J.L. Anthony brings the beauty of silver by hand applying the individual metal leafs then further enhancing the finish with glazing and antiquing to create a one of a kind work of art.

Nothing adds to a beautiful interior like the warmth and richness of Wood. With a full array of color and texture, J.L. Anthony has a Wood tone finish for almost every design. If one of these finishes is not quite right, J.L. Anthony can custom match a wood color for that special one-of-a-kind look.

Only J.L. Anthony offers a full range of bamboo finishes in an array of colors. Tonga, Somoa, Bora Bora, and Tahiti. All are exoctic destinations that evoke the mood of tropical rain, jungles, and ocean breezes. Upon request, J.L. Anthony will custom color the exotic finishes to take to you to own personalized destination.

The soft texture and pale hues of the Milkwash colors are a splendid touch to add to that Shabby Chic, Nursery or Kitchen interior. Combine the different colors and add trim to get the perfect match to your fabrics and finishes.

A kaleidoscope of color and texture. The faux and texture finishes of J.L. Anthony include Classic Iron that has the true look and feel of old iron post, Burled Walnut that looks like the real thing, or Travertine with the look of polished marble. All of the finishes in this collection are available in a choice of sheen. Custom coloring is available too!

Use your choice of fabric to cover the J.L. Anthony poles and finials. A beautiful Brocade or tasteful Toile can be used on any of the traversing and non traversing poles. Combine the fabric covered poles or finials with other components finished with one of the fabulous J.L. Anthony options.

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