Ultimate Upholstery

upholstered-montageWhen a painted finish just won’t do, consider having JL Anthony cover your poles and finials with your selection of fabric.

The artisans in the JL Anthony workroom will meticulously attach your fabric, making sure every seam and pattern is matched to perfection.  Fabric poles may be covered flat or gathered, and upholstery may be applied to both traversing and non-traversing pole applications.

Choose from the finials selections for upholstery and they can be embellished with ruffles and trims of your selection.  Leathers and specialty fabrics can be creatively combined with our painted finished finials, rings, and accessories for a one of a kind design statement.

Upholstered Options

J.L. Anthony does not provide fabrics for upholstery.  The customer provides their fabric and trim (if applicable).   J.L. Anthony will fabricate and assemble the system so it is ready to install, right out of the box.

upholstered-polesTwo Styles of Covering poles:

  • Flat – Smooth Flat fabric.  Patterns matched across the pole, if applicable
  • Shirred – Fabric gathered on the pole.

Three Finial Styles:

  • Stratford (Ball Finial) – With or without ruffle
  • Plymouth (Acorn Finial) – With or without ruffle
  • Cap – no ruffle available

As you can imagine, there are certain fabric specifications for both flat and shirred pole styles as well as cuts for finials. To get a quick overview, you can see our Paperwork section for a pdf specification sheet. And, as always, our expert staff is available to assist you via our contact directory. Want to specify all your needs for a project or get an estimate? Register for our private Designer Studio today. It’s an essential destination for Designers, Architects and Buyers.


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