Pole Styles

Wooden drapery poles from J.L. Anthony offer many solutions for today’s residential and commercial window treatments. They’re the difference between curtain rods and a well-designed room. With 3 diameters and five styles in the exquisite J.L. Anthony finishes, there is an answer for almost any interior design. Each pole is meticulously cut and assembled with precision to assure everything meets the customer’s exact specifications.


  • Rope – This handsome classic beautifully rounds out the offerings
  • Grooved – A J.L. Anthony exclusive perfectly at home in traditional as well as contemporary setting
  • Smooth – unembellished wood
  • Fluted – Our own take on the classic design
  • SquareFasica for 2/14” only


  • Full Round poles – The classic style.  Requires purchasing separate brackets.  Recommended for decorative use only.
  • Non-Traversing – A J.L. Anthony exclusive.  Allows for placement of brackets anywhere along the back side of the pole.  The concealed brackets, included with the pole are heavy duty and are finished to match the finish on the pole.
  • Traversing – The wooden fascia hides the Heavy Duty traversing system.  The aluminum track is powder coated to coordinate with the pole’s finish. Draperies may be hand drawn with batons, cord drawn and motorized.
JLA Poles come in 2", 2 1/4" and 3" diameters to perfectly accentuate your window designs.

JLA Poles come in 2″, 2 1/4″ and 3″ diameters to perfectly accentuate your window designs.

Poles are available in one piece up to 16 ft.  Any pole longer that 16 ft. will be spliced.  Splices are a butt joint and will be located in the center of the pole unless otherwise specified on the order.

All of the J.L. Anthony poles are made of Poplar, an easily renewable wood source.  All wood is grown in the United States and milled in a local facility close to the J.L. Anthony factory in Dallas, Texas.

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