Our Latest Installation is a Game Changer

As Brad says "Each job is a puzzle, no two are alike." Good to have an experienced, resourceful installation team working on your spaces.

As Brad says “Each job is a puzzle, no two are alike.” Good to have an experienced, resourceful installation team working on your spaces.

“Synergy may be an overused term in our business discussions. “Kismet,” works just as well when we discuss the return of Brad Whiteside to our installation team. His coming back to Lancaster & Associates signals a new era for the company and its designer and architect clients as Brad will be heading up the installation team.

Long known among designers as the “go-to-guy” for high-end installations, Brad’s knowledge of drapery hardware (he started out working on poles in our workroom) and the preparation, engineering, automation and on-site finishing required for luxe home and commercial  projects is remarkable … surpassed only by his love for the work.

“I love the puzzles in each space and there’s no two jobs alike,” says Whiteside. “I have a real passion for this work, and regardless of the challenges, I am happiest when I’m doing this work.”

And to say his new position is also an important development for J.L Anthony is an understatement. Brad sees his work as being an “extension of (company founder) Philip Clemmons’ decades of work. Clemmons agrees, adding “There are so many variable to mastering this work, and Brad has surpassed my expectations for knowing the work and communicating that knowledge in his dealings with our clients.”

Brad is quick to point out the need for preparation and communication.

“Some people think this is just a ladder and drill gig,” he says. “But when you look at coordinating the installations with all the other interior finish out and making certain every measurement, electrical prep and materials list is up to spec, it is a very technical process. Many designers know me, and they know I run a lot of checklists so our part runs smoothly.”

While there’s no professional designation for installers in luxury drapery hardware (you learn on the ladder he says) Clemmons has been impressed with Brad’s drive to keep his knowledge current

“Brad knows this isn’t a classroom curriculum, it’s about apprenticing and then doing whatever you can to tap into our partners, vendors,  designers and architects’ visions of design, of the mechanics and engineering behind luxury interiors,” he says.

“Brad gets it, he’s both a student and a teacher in top-shelf installations and spaces, and I couldn’t be happier he’s taking ownership of this vital portion of our business.”

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