Much More Than Just a Pretty Voice

Sharon is always helping our clients on the phone, online and on paper ... "whatever it takes" to make the magic happen.

Sharon is always helping our clients on the phone, online and on paper … “whatever it takes” to make the magic happen.

Ask Sharon Carlson where the buck often stops at J.L. Anthony, and she’ll point to herself. Known as “the voice of JLA” she’s been answering inquiries from designers, architects, workrooms, dealers and buyers from around the U.S. for nearly 10 years.

“I call JLA my baby” she says. “Knowing all about our hardware and the amazing designs, finishes and configurations is a source of pride for me. If it comes out of our factory, I can discuss it and help clients in each step of the process.”

Ask any client, and you’ll hear more of the same: it’s easy to have those conversations with Sharon. Her calm tone takes the edge off of a sometimes complex process, fraught with tight deadlines and countless details. And because so much of J.L. Anthony’s work is in custom drapery hardware, there is always a measure of education in the presentation.

“Newer clients or younger designers may not have heard much about us, or don’t know what it takes to create a one-of-a-kind installation,” says Carlson. “I make certain they have not just details but realistic expectations for their clients too. This isn’t off-the-rack hardware … it doesn’t happen overnight.”

Carlson, often refers new clients to both for reviewing options and designs and for getting the proprietary specifications necessary for quotes and client presentations. Along with the new Look+Books and visits to Dealers and the JLA showroom, she provides answers and options for designing signature work.

And, a decade of servicing her clients at a sometimes manic pace hasn’t diminished her enthusiasm for the work.

“Most days it’s call after call after call,” she explains. And according to Sharon that means new experiences, new challenges and an opportunity to create “something really beautiful.”

“Honestly, have you seen the finishes and styles – traditional and modern –  we design, create and install?” she asks. There are lots of companies are out there, but not a single one provides this level of art and service in one stop.”

That much becomes obvious immediately after the phone rings, and “the Voice” begins the work she loves so much.


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