The Paperwork

Although we have a growing network of JLA Dealers, we can’t be everywhere at once.* Thus The Paperwork section where you may download our core documents for browsing and beginning the specification/ordering process.

2016-LookBook-PerspectiveGet the 2017 LookBook (online version)
This 28-page catalog gives you a great look inside the world of luxury drapery hardware, including descriptions and photos of our:

  • Finials
  • Poles
  • Finishes
  • Custom Finishes
  • Traversing Systems
  • Automation/Motorization
  • Ties, Rings, Brackets
  • Specialty Applications
  • Company History & Services

Sized for printing from a pdf on your office or home printer, this full-color guide will also fit into binders for easy reference.

Home-Autmoization-Brochure700pxGet the all-new Home Automation Brochure (online version)
This brochure gives you all the latest info on one of our hottest services. As you know, designing for “smart homes” in new construction and renovations is a planning-intensive process. JLA was one of the first in the U.S. to bring automation to draperies for commercial and home installations, and designers and architects seek us out for counsel and system design. Get your printable pdf and contact us for details.

Additional Documents available

Want to specify all your needs for a project or get an estimate? Register for our private Designer Studio today. It’s an essential destination for Designers, Architects and Buyers.

Any other questions? Contact us for any additional answers, samples or needs you have.

Hot Off the Press

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