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HowtoOrderYou have two new projects to bid, one a new-construction finish out with all the bells and whistles, and a second that involves tearing out a lot of heavy furnishings in favor of a sleeker, modern update.

This is not your first rodeo, so you already have the ideas flowing, and know pretty much what you’ll propose. It’s that getting the best numbers and materials together for great proposals that continually bogs down your progress, even knowing where to look and who to call.

Maybe, just maybe, J.L. Anthony can make the window treatments easier to achieve.

Finding the Materials

The all-new is your own private look-book for everything drapery hardware. Modern to traditional to faux finish fabulous, all our finishes, finials, drapery poles and accessories are online with printable pictures and descriptions that will help tell your story.

And, once you glide through our product lines, you may just find the inspiration you’ve been seeking to piece together one-of-a-kind combinations of textures, designs and finishes to deliver a truly unique look that surpasses everyone’s expectations. Better tools, better choices and higher quality can do that for a project.

Getting the Numbers

Managing the measurements and material costs is made easier when you work with either your local J.L. Anthony Dealer or one of our Client Services staff members.

Why? Well for starters, drapery hardware, especially high-end hardware has lots of possibilities and potentially even more moving parts. And when you’re specifying this level of beauty from wall to wall, you want to minimize waste while making certain you have the correct systems in place. Will it be traversing the window space? Does it require motorization (and in-place wiring) and coordination with other systems? Will there be multiple layers of drapes or shades?

Room dimensions, window curves or angles aren’t problems, but may require additional templates and drawings, so it’s good to involve your support staff early (and as often as you’d like) to make sure you have all the information you need for estimate numbers, time frames and installation prep.

Want to pour through details on your own? That part is easy enough too on, where you can simply click on the How to Order menu and go to The Paperwork to see our online catalog, price list and order form. If you obtain a password from our offices (Call Darlene @ 214.340.0359), you can also visit the temporary Designer Studio page and get access to the downloadable Technical Guide pdf.

How to Start

As mentioned above, you can always start the process with your design; reviewing our many finishes, finials, poles and systems online at Registered site users can also download our Technical Guide to dive further into the details. Note: soon you’ll be able to dig deeper into specs and technical info online with our Designer Studio (expected late summer).

Next, simply call, email, submit a request online, or visit your Dealer or the JLA showroom studio to start hammering out the details of what you want, what you’ll need, and what it will take to achieve perfection.

As JLA’s own Philip Clemmons is fond of saying: “We give Clients what they want by providing what they need.”

No loose ends, no unkept promises or pie-in-the-sky notions here. Just the care and attention to every detail that will inspire you to design breathtaking spaces with the finest drapery hardware available.

Feature kitchen image in montage courtesy Kristina Lee on Pinterest.

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