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Svelte-GroupShot-w-logoWith the new Svelte collection you’ll be seeing less of J.L. Anthony (and we think that’s a good thing, design-wise). Here are a few thoughts from J.L. Anthony’s Philip Clemmons.

Solving Design’s Dilemma
For the past few years, the trend for drapery hardware has been slim, skinny rods and rings. Primarily for more modern settings, but even traditional decor has been effected with this trend as well. This usually means that metal is the default choice since small diameter wooden hardware is not structurally sound enough to hold the weight and still be functional. Even with the metal hardware there has not been a good choice when it comes to automated drapery tracks. A few companies offer a metal fascia for motorized tracks, but the choices are few and the fit and finish is less than desirable.

With the new Svelte collection we have bridged the two dilemmas with a sleek sophisticated solution. Now the motorized hardware that has always had to be hidden in a pocket or behind a valance can come out into the open and proudly add to the decor with a variety of metallic looks and wooden finishes. Simple, sleek finial treatments add to the modern design aesthetic. And, the APEX Best Product of 2016 nominated Svelte installs like any other decorative hardware.  Many motor systems are plug-n-play.

About The Hardware
JL Anthony offers motorized hardware from all of the major manufacturers. Our COM track program allows motor dealers to have their tracks embellished or they can purchase through J.L. Anthony. We are a Somfy Glydea fabricator and we offer track color and length options unavailable from the manufacturer. We also have a very special pricing structure for Somfy, Lutron and BTX products making purchasing easy … one stop shopping.

Meeting Today’s Needs
LESS has never been MORE prevalent! Trends have shown that in better economic times modern decor is more popular than traditional. Modern has been upwardly trending for a while now. A sign of the times.

Simplifying the Design-to-Installation Process
By ordering the the complete motorized or manually operated Svelte system, JLA makes sure all of the correct information is gathered and utilized to eliminate any unpleasant and expensive mistakes. Also, by ordering a complete system from J.L. Anthony, the time and expense of ordering tracks from one place and decorative fascia’s from another is eliminated. Freight charges, admin time, design time are all greatly reduced. Again, one stop shopping!

The Big AHA Moment
Designers and Architects alike will see the unique style and quality workmanship. The fact that the motorized drapery tracks can be ordered made-to-measure and be beautiful at the same time has to save some time and stress in this (normally) complex process.

To Learn More
Email Darlene Wilford today to get all of your questions answered, or contact your JLA Dealer. If you’re not a member of the JLA Designer Studio register today and get all of the specifications, pricing and project information you need to work more efficiently online and off.


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