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Finial-Feature-ShotArtisans At Work

While it’s true that manufacturing techniques have so completely modernized around the globe that nearly any piece of art or design can be reproduced with stunning accuracy, nothing quite matches up to the real thing.

“It is definitely an art versus science discussion,” says JLA’s Philip Clemmons. “We employ skilled and seasoned artisans to produce over 50 finishes on our designs. When you realize windows are the most viewed part of a home, this is too important to hand off to machines.”

Through the magic of the painted finish, the J.L. Anthony finishers hand apply the texture and color to emulate the depth and beauty of, gold, silver, even tortoise shell, and can produce the sleekness of stainless steel or the exotic allure of bamboo. And all of them can be hand applied to any of the J.L. Anthony finials, poles, brackets and rings.

painting-boothSo why the extra steps?

“We’re not just throwing up curtain rods in an otherwise beautiful design,” adds Clemmons. “If we’re specifying gold, it must fulfill the look and feel of real gold, and you can’t achieve that with one magical coat.”

In fact, Gold (and Silver) Collection finishes require individually covering each piece with the golden covered metal leaf. Afterwards the hand applied glazing and antiiquing of the metal covering gives the warm, rich effect of and aged golden treasure.

It is time-consuming and painstaking work, as all Leafed finishes go through this multistep process:

  1. Initial sanding & filling
  2. Primer
  3. Re-sand & re-fill
  4. Prime again
  5. Steel wool
  6. Base color – 2 coats
  7. Clear coat
  8. Glue and apply first layer leaf Seal
  9. Steel wool
  10. Glue & apply second layer leaf
  11. Seal again
  12. Steel wool
  13. Apply glaze treatments (Can require several steps)
  14. Seal
  15. Steel wool
  16. Apply top coat

Choices, Choices, Choices …

Because of the diverse needs for high-end residential and commercial projects, we categorize our finishes into eight collections for ease of identification and specification:

color-chipsSometimes, that’s not enough.

Even with over 50 finishes in the JL Anthony offerings, there are times when a unique finish is required. The expert finishers of JL Anthony can take a fabric, finish sample, paint chip or most anything to replicate or complement it with a special finish. Can you say “statement?”

In all, it takes but a minute to compare samples from J.L. Anthony (get your sampler here) with similarly named examples from others, and that’s pretty much where the comparisons end.

When you want real, luxury drapery hardware, finished to exacting standards, there is only one source to look to. It is a distinction we work to uphold and surpass each day, one application at a time.

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