Behind the Curtain, a Peek Into JLA’s History

In addition to all manner of fabrics and shades, Lancaster & Assoc continues to offer a stunning array of Roman Shades.

In addition to all manner of fabrics and shades, Lancaster & Assoc continues to offer a stunning array of Roman Shades.

Bruce Lancaster and Philip Clemmons began working together in the mid seventies. Bruce had discovered that there was a real need for a decent, reliable drapery installer in the Dallas area. He called his friend, Phil, and with a Chevrolet station wagon full of tools and ladders, they began doing installation for several of the local drapery workrooms. They built a reputation for being reliable, prompt, thorough and accurate.

It was while installing drapery that they became intrigued with Roman shades. Shades were very popular and a lot of people wanted them but there didn’t seem to be anyone who made them well. One day they discovered some beautiful shades that were fabricated by a company out of California.

Being curious, the pair purchased some of the shades for the sole purpose of dissecting and examining the shades to see how they were constructed.  After weeks of experimentation they made their first Roman shade on the floor of their living room. That was the beginning of what was to become Lancaster & Associates, Inc.

Incorporated in 1978, Lancaster would grow to become the largest workroom of its kind in Texas. The company’s foundation was built on the reputation of reliability and accuracy. That reputation would soon include the role of pioneers in the application of the newly developing market of motorized window coverings, and to this day Lancaster & Associates continues to be a source for innovative electrical solutions for today’s luxury homes.

As markets and styles changed, so would Lancaster & Associates. Realizing there was not much to choose from in the field of drapery hardware, in 1985 the company started the “J.L. Anthony” line of custom hardware. Sold through designer showrooms in the major design centers across the nation, word spread about the product. The line of wooden 3” diameter poles with its simple selection of finials quickly became nationally known for its quality, accuracy, and reliable delivery. In the early 90’s Interior Design Magazine named J. L. Anthony “Best New Product”.

Today, J.L. Anthony products are installed in embassies, palaces, government buildings, and luxury hotels over the world as well as many of America’s finest homes.

J. L. Anthony continues to grow and evolve  into the beautiful line of products now available. Constant attention to detail and customer service has kept J.L. Anthony in the forefront of the market and in demand of the most discriminating buyers.

With its proprietary systems for manual and motorized traversing systems J.L. Anthony has set the benchmark for fine design coupled with technology.

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